Big update of Textured Latex sheets collection

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We present a big update of our Textured Latex line.

The document for the site is under development, but you can already see Sample patterns at this link >>


We may already be discussing the sale of these textured latex patterns.

Please note: minimum ordering 10 sheets. For the order and prices, please contact our sales manager:


Necessary explanations


The texture latex color combinations we have chosen are divided into several groups:


  1.  Solid color (Color code will start from 0, Example DR001 = Drugs Black, DR002 = Drugs Red, DR003 = Drugs Natural... DR064 = Drugs Antique Gold, DR065 = Drugs Silver, DR098 = Drugs Mauve Semitrans, DR099 = Drugs Lilac Semitrans and so on…;
  2. Black on any color (Color code will start from 1, Example LL102 = Lacelike Black on Red, LL105 = Lacelike Black on Grey, LL106 = Lacelike Black on Cherry, LL165 = Lacelike Black on Silver, LL164 = Lacelike Black on Antique Gold...);
  3. Any pearl color on black (Color code will start with 2, Example RB261 - Rabica Blue Pearl on Black, RB266 - Rabica Bordeaux Pearl on Black, RB267 - Rabica Violet Pearl on Black);
  4. Any pearl color on Silver (Color code will start from 3, Example CM356 =CampagneGrass green Pearl on Silver);
  5. Silver on any color (Color code will start with 4, Example CR438 = Croco Silver on Violet);
  6. Any color on white pearl (Color code will start from 5, Example CV506 = Cvetochki Cherry on White Pearl);
  7. Pearl on Smoky Semitrans (Color code will start at 6, Example KM665 =Kolmio Silver on Smoky Semitrans);
  8. Any color on Natural (Color code will start with 7, Example LE742 =Leo Red Pearl on Natural);
  9. Unclassifiable free color combinations (Color code will start with 9, Example PN958 =Pianino Grass green Pearl onBordeaux Pearl).


For the main assortment, we have chosen the most convenient and technological (for us) combinations of different colors: black, white, silver, smoky, natural. These are options with which any “colored” colors, subject to rule #1, are combined almost unconditionally.


Rule #1: We don't use simple colors to paint on black and gray, or indeed on any color other than white and natural. They are too transparent for that, and the pattern will simply not be visible against the background. For painting in these cases, only mother-of-pearl / metallics are used, which are not so transparent.


Our range mainly consists of two-color textures, although Camouflage (CAM) and Shanghai Snow Leo (LES) have three or four different colors. but some species, such as: Carbone (CB), Circky (CK), Diago (DG), Drugs (DR), Gallo (GA), Gzella (GZ), Iminpriso (IM), Interference (IN), Mix (MX ), Polaris (PL), Rosas (RO), Zhosht (ZH) due to technological features, we produce only in one-color version.