Latex Color Chart

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RuBeaR colors - 2022

Glossy latex. Non-transparent, pearlsheen and semi-transparent

Black RuBeaR R001 Red RuBeaR R002 Natural RuBeaR R003 White RuBeaR R004 Gray RuBeaR R005 Cherry RuBeaR R006 Pink RuBeaR R007

Flesh RuBeaR R008 Baby Pink RuBeaR R009 Orange RuBeaR R011 Yellow RuBeaR R013 Grass Green RuBeaR R015 Emerald Green RuBeaR R017 Khaki-3 RuBeaR R020

Khaki-4 RuBeaR R021 Olive RuBeaR R022 Seawave RuBeaR R026 Turquoise RuBeaR R028 Sea Blue Light RuBeaR R030 Sea Blue RuBeaR R031 Sea Blue Dark RuBeaR R032

Cosmos Blue Light RuBeaR R034 Cosmos Blue RuBeaR R035 Cosmos Blue RuBeaR Dark R036 Violet RuBeaR R038 White Pearl RuBeaR R040 Black Pearl RuBeaR R041 Red Pearl RuBeaR R042

Bordo Chameleon RuBeaR R043 Coral Chameleon Pearl RuBeaR R044 Fuchsia Chameleon RuBeaR R045 Gold Grape Chameleon RuBeaR R046 Emerald Orchid Chameleon RuBeaR R047 Cobalt Chameleon RuBeaR R048 Indigo Chameleon RuBeaR R049

Turquoise Chameleon RuBeaR R050 Dark Violet Pearl Semitransparent RuBeaR R051 Dark Cherry Pearl Semitransparent RuBeaR R052 Dark Blue Pearl Semitransparent RuBeaR R053 Goldish Semitransparent RuBeaR R054 Light Green Pearl RuBeaR R055 Grass Green Pearl RuBeaR R056

Emerald Green Pearl RuBeaR R057 Dark Green Pearl RuBeaR R058 Frog Skin RuBeaR R059 Peacock Pearl RuBeaR R060 Blue Pearl RuBeaR R061 Dark Blue Pearl RuBeaR R062 Samovar Gold RuBeaR R063

Antique Gold RuBeaR R064 Pewter RuBeaR R065 Amethyst Pearl RuBeaR R066 Violet Pearl RuBeaR R067 Orange Pearl RuBeaR R068 Pink Pearl RuBeaR R069 Deep Purple Pearl RuBeaR R070

Smoky Semitransparent RuBeaR R071 Red Semitransparent RuBeaR R072 Cherry Semitransparent RuBeaR R076 Pink Semitransparent RuBeaR R079 Orange Semitransparent RuBeaR R081 Yellow Semitransparent RuBeaR R083 Grass Green Semitransparent RuBeaR R085

Emerald Green Semitransparent RuBeaR R087 Blue Semitransparent-06 RuBeaR R091 Blue Light Semitransparent-17 RuBeaR R094 Mauve Semitransparent RuBeaR R098 Lilac Semitransparent RuBeaR R099    

Old RuBeaR colors

Glossy latex. Non-transparent, pearlsheen and semi-transparent

Black (001) Natural (003) Pewter (327) Red Pearl (330) Red (335) Yellow (337) Yellow s/t (361)

Goldish s/t (363) Antique Gold (333) Smoky s/t (317) Dark-Blue Pearl (334) Blue Pearl (329) Pinky Blue (340) Blue s/t (339)

White Pearl (309) Goldish Blue (345) Flesh (305) Fuchsia (338) Pink s/t (362) Light Pink Pearl (358) Goldish Purple Pearl (331)

Purple s/t (336) Violet s/t (364) Violet Pearl (341) Dark Green Pearl (342) Emerald Green Pearl (343) Light Green Pearl (346)

Supatex colors

Baby Pink Supatex (005) Black Supatex (001) Dark Brown Supatex (057) Forest Green Supatex (073) Jade Green Supatex (011) Light Blue Supatex (012) Olive Supatex (007)

Orange Supatex (013) Palm Green Supatex (059) Pink Supatex (061) Plum Supatex (062) Red Supatex (005) Royal Blue Supatex (010) Violet Supatex (004)

White Supatex (009) Yellow Supatex (074)          

Pearlsheen colors

Amethyst Pearlsheen (053) Antique Gold Pearlsheen (052) Blue Pearlsheen (029) Bronze Pearlsheen (032) Emerald Pearlsheen (054) Fuschia Pearlsheen (068) Gold Pearlsheen (033)

Leaf Green Pearlsheen (055) Pale Blue Pearlsheen (069) Peacock Pearlsheen (049) Pewter Pearlsheen (027) Purple Pearlsheen (031) Red Pearlsheen (030) Rose Pearlsheen (056)


Shamrock Pearlsheen (050) Silver Pearlsheen (028)  

Semi Transparent colors

Blue s/t (018) Cloud Grey s/t (078) Flesh s/t (079) Green s/t (019) Grey s/t (016) Mauve s/t (021) Natural s/t (003)

Pink s/t (020) Red s/t (051) Smoke Grey s/t (017) Yellow s/t (022) Lilac s/t (026) Orange s/t (080)

Vibrant colors

Bright Pink vibrant (024) Green vibrant (065) Lemon Yellow vibrant (066) Lime Green vibrant (067) Orange vibrant (082) Red vibrant (025) Turquoise vibrant (023)

Yellow vibrant (015)