Latex Clothes Repair

  • If you want to repair the latex clothes, once in contact with the silicon oil, place it on the hour in the water with washing powder and then carefully to wash, rinse and dry. Good to wash clothes must stick together. When you unstick it, sprinkle talcum powder so that it no longer sticks together;
  • Latex has two sides: one front - smooth and shiny, the other - the reverse side, less shiny. The best result is achieved by gluing inside out from the inside. Please consider this when you stick the patch inside. Gluing process much easier if before it starts, you assemble the glued parts on an adhesive tape by the reverse patch. In the adhesive tape can be assembled item so carefully that after the repair place will glue almost imperceptibly;
  • After washing and assembly scotch tape degrease both surfaces (repaired item and patches). For degreasing, you can use a special solvent for gluing rubber (preferably one that roughness of the surface layer);
  • Apply rubber glue on both surfaces;
  • Then fold the two parts together and push very tight;
  • To secure success for a day leave renovated item in complete rest.

Note: Not all products are "cheap Chinese" and "expensive European" latex amenable to repair. Much depends on the manufacturer, ie, the chemical composition of the latex. Several of those things that we were trying to repair, do not want to stick properly, no matter what tricks on our part. Too bad, for example, glued chlorinated latex.