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All prices are in Euro.
Price conversion to another currency is approximate.

Shipping charges must be paid by the customer and depend on weight of the parcel, delivery country and chosen shipping method.


2022 update: Dear customers, due to the current economic situation, as well as logistical difficulties, we are forced to set a minimum order amount of 100 euros. Thank you for your understanding.
When you place an order you will receive an email-confirmation giving details of what you have ordered. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you give us a valid email address. If you don't receive an confirmation of your order please check your email address.

Delivery Time

Delivery time depends if we have the ordered items in store or if we have to make them for you.
90% of our products are made to order.

Terms of manufacturing are different and depend on the complexity of the product and some technological features: on the catsuit is 4-5 weeks; on corsets, dresses, leggings - 2-4 weeks; the laundry and a simple masks - about 1-2 weeks.

Manufacture of latex - is handmade, laborious and lengthy process. Unlike sewing on the machine, gluing on one seam can take an hour, and pasting items of medium complexity - more than a day. In addition, production phases and different stages (cutting, gluing, installation accessories and output quality control) performed by different people in different places. So that the period of the order of several weeks - absolutely real, and unfortunately we can not reduce it.

Please allow 7-8 weeks for special or made-to-measure items (which make up the biggest part of our collection, due to the variety of combinations and colors available). Of course we will inform you about shipping details and delivery time in a personal E-mail.

Warranty and Returns

All products are latex to goods with individually-defined properties (Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights") and can not be returned and exchanged.

Latex - specific material, in fact it is extremely thin and flexible rubber with corresponding properties.

In latex has a significant drawback: it may tear.

With latex should be handled with care and not cling to it with sharp objects or nails. Equip latex clothes, use wax or talc. When properly selected size and gentle treatment, a latex product will serve you for a long time.

Learn more about caring for latex is written here.

We guarantee our seams.

This means that if suddenly our product broke the seam (which is the place of gluing, not the material itself), it is a warranty case.

Manufacturing defects will be rectified at our own cost. In fact, a broken seam - an extremely rare and exceptional case, this is not seen.

We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by misuse or poor care of garments.

You must notify us of any defect in the garment or mistake in your order within 7 days of receiving your order - otherwise we cannot offer you an exchange or refund.


All your personal information will be processed with the aid of automation, sticking strictly to legal and implementing regulations concerning data security. All personal data are handled strictly confidential and never passed on to third parties.

By placing your order you accept our conditions of sale.


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