Textured Latex Patterns

Textured Latex Sheets Produced by RuBeaR

Textured Latex Sheets Produced by RuBeaR

Updated sample line for 2023

We make our clothes and devices mainly from textured and glossy latex of our own production, although we also offer imported material by Supatex. Most of the colors and textures available to us are presented below (do not forget to click on the squares to see the material in the product).

Products made from combinations of textured and glossy latex look great. Our technologies allow us to produce texture material 0.5±0.1, 0.7±0.1 and 1.5±0.1 mm thick, in a variety of color combinations, from which we have chosen that we like and can make. It is not mathematically possible to make and photograph products of ALL available color combinations, so some types of latex are drawn on a computer. The pictures are quite realistic, so you can rely on them. At the same time on request it is also possible to manufacture the material in other color combinations not shown in the table, but only if it does not contradict the laws of physics. Also, according to your request, we can make sheeting in not standard for us thickness.

Our latex is slightly softer than similar materials by other manufacturers. Therefore, we believe that the thickness of 0.5 ±0.1 mm is an approximate analogue of imported latex 0.33-0.45 mm and is suitable for products with a tight fit such as catsuits, leggings, etc. Latex with a thickness of 0.7 ±0.1 mm is good for jackets, raincoats, jeans and other similar products that should keep in shape. The thickness of 1.5± 0.1 mm is for corsets and various types of bondage devices.

Due to the fact that our latex is handmade, the appearance (color combination) may vary slightly compared to the samples shown in the photos, but we guarantee a COMPLETE EXCLUSIVE.
The manufacturing possibilities in terms of latex color combinations are quite wide. They are not fully represented in the pictures. We can produce latex of almost any color or combination of colors according to your request and limits us only the possibility or impossibility of buying pigments.
We buy pigments here. There are a lot of things here, including chameleons, fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, etc.
Choose what you like and offer it to us.

Due to the fact that our latex is produced using multilayer technology, such as triplex, we believe that it turns out to be stronger than imported analogues.Below are the types of textured latex produced by RuBeaR, Our products are produced in sheets 0.85x1.07m, although there are exceptions to this rule, and some types of sheets have different sizes, but about the same area.
Each family of latex sheeting has its own unique name. The basic picture of the family shows 4 samples.
To view all available types you are interested in, hover the mouse pointer over a large square and click the link.
When viewing from a mobile device, click on the large square.

For orders and prices, please email us: order@latex.moscow

The textured latex sample pages are not ready yet.
Samples can now be viewed here

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Textured latex with geometric patterns RuBeaR

Single-color textured latex RuBeaR

Textured latex with a thickness of at least 0.7 mm RuBeaR