Sizes Chart

Size chart

Glued products of category "A" (DA, CA, etc )

Standard sizes:

The values in the table indicate the actual dimensions of the mold, which are made of this size group things, on the dimensions of the product typically differ from their respective sizes on the mold. For example, products which must sit in a tight, have real dimensions of 0.33 mm thickness of the material to less than 3-7% in the table. For the same product, but thicker and hence more rigid material, actual dimensions will be smaller for subtracting value. For products not in tight real dimensions increase by different amounts when compared with those in the table.

Female Sizes:

Female sizes Rubear

Male Sizes:

Male sizes Rubear

Custom Sizes:

Individual sizes are measured by himself, according to the schemes:
Female measuring
Male measuring
When filling out the individual measuring tables indicate their REAL SIZE, without any deductions or additions.
If you want the product sat tightly or loosely, just let us know and we will add or subtract to the pattern as necessary.

Moulded products categories "L" and "S" (ML, DL, CL, YS, ZS, etc)

Some products are made by moulding from liquid latex used for this special form.
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Moulded things sizes
The following are the dimensions of these forms, it is the actual size of goods (+/- 1 cm accuracy).


Rubear gloves sizes


Rubear stockings sizes

Body CL0002 (for suits CL0001, CL0004, etc):

Rubear bodyes sizes

Anatomical Dresses DL:

Rubear anatomical dresses sizes


Rubear masks sizes