Latex Care


Long fingernails can puncture latex clothes. So take care not to use them too much and not to bore them into the material when you put on your clothes.

The most simple-to-use dressing aid is silicon oil. It is fat-free and especially developed for use with latex.
It has a pleasant side effect, too: It soothes the skin and makes it supple and soft. This very oil is being used in the cosmetic industry. It is odorless, tasteless, dermatological tested and perfectly suitable for lubrication and massage as well as slippery latex play.

You should prefer silicon oil especially for transparent products because the transparency shows to advantage only with this oil. At our photo shootings we only use silicon oil to achieve best results. A few drops are sufficient for a big surface.

Note: Never use an oil (baby oil) or oil-based product!


Latex garments should be washed immediately after wearing because fat and sweat can harm the material and may lead to signs of wear within a short time. It is best to rinse the garments in lukewarm water in the washbasin or in the bathtub with a little mild shampoo (no washing powder, washing-up liquid or other detergent!). If you add a spoonful of silicon oil to the water you receive an even shine on the latex surface that prevents clinging.

Do not use talcum powder on garments that have been treated with silicon oil, because the oil mixes with the talcum and the surface becomes streaky, which is not a pleasant sight. If this happens still it is no problem. Simply rinse the garments again.

Note: Do not attempt to tumble dry and definitely. Do not iron or dry clean rubber garments.


The clean and dry garments should be talced or be polished with suitable silicon oil. This prevents clinging when on the hanger and makes them easier to put on.

Latex garments should be kept in a dark place.

Latex Rubber can discolour, and eventually perish, if exposed to heat, sunlight and light with a high u.v. content.  We recommend that, when not being worn, latex garments should be kept, lightly talced, in a black plastic bag in a dry cupboard or drawer.  Do not store in damp conditions and do not leave on or near heaters.

Keep away from naked flame and fires, latex rubber burns readily.

Latex Rubber permanently stains brown in contact with copper, brass or bronze.  Light colours can even stain brown when handled after handling copper coins, so take care to keep dirty, sweaty fingers away from your latex clothes.

If you stick to the simple rules - not too much sunlight, dark storage, no fat or oil, rinsing after wearing - you will enjoy your latex clothes for many years. With appropriate care you can take a durability of about 10 years for an index.