CL1061 Latex FullSuit

CL1061 Latex FullSuit

FullSuit with contrasting fringing
Produced on the basis of cast anatomical leotard CL2001 to wich gloves YS0003 are glued, stockings ZL0000 and zippers in different versions, as well as glued or cut different things according to the options you select.

If you are too lazy to read what is written below, and you are comfortable with it option "as on the main picture", then select only the size with height (options marked with red asterisks) and click "Add To Cart".

Most of our products are presented as a self-designer and have many options. Using them you can design to your taste something that is not at all like a basic product. Options for the design of the collar, cups for the chest, etc., offered in our atelier, can be viewed Here.
The dimensions of the torso on which the leotard is cast
FullSuit is completed with stockings and gloves of the appropriate size, ie, for example, if you choose the size of the suit 42/44 (S), then we glue the gloves and stockings with the size S. In this case, in the corresponding option, you can order an increase in the glove size by one step, that is, to a body of size XS we glue size S gloves, to the body S - gloves M, to M - L, to L - XL.

Below are the dimensions of the torso-shape on which the latex leotard is cast. After removal from the mold during drying, the product itself sits on some value and the dimensions of the mold can be considered the dimensions of the product only after some correction.

 Size: 40 (XS) 42/44 (S) 46 (M) 48/50 (L)
 K - Neck circumference 32 33 37 39
 L - Chest circumference 79 82 93 98
 M - Under the breast circumference 70 72 78 87
 N - Waist circumference 54 59 67 72
 P - Thigh Circumference 82 87 96 100
 R - Hip circumference 41 46 50 52
 S - Shoulder Girth 23 25 30 30
 T - Distance from the center of the crotch to the base of the neck 61 63 66 69

Gloves and stockings

are produced by dipping the mold into liquid latex.

Dimensions of molds for casting gloves and stockings
Below are the sizes of these products (error +/- 1cm)

 Gloves YS0003 Small Medium Large X-Large
 A - Girth of the shoulder 18 23 26 28
 B - Wrist Girth 13.5 15 18 18
 C - Girth of the palm 15.5 17 21 21
 D - Minimum length of glove 54 57 57 57

 Stockings ZS0000 X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
 A - Hip circumference 35 38 42 44 47
 B - Ankle girth 17 19 22 23 23
 C - Length of foot 20 22 24 26 26
 D - Minimum stocking length 71 71 73 76 76

Zipper can be either front or back: a full 3-way through the crotch or a short 1-way to the waist in combination with various crotch design options.
You can make body without any zipper - with a throat entrance. Believe us, with certain experience, putting on a fullsuit without a lightning is not so difficult, especially if you choose the version of the execution of the top of the product without sleeves and a collar-stand.

The main photo shows fullsuit colors:
Main product color: Black (001)
Color of hands and feet: Smoky (317)
Color or texture of the fringing and small additional details: City Red (148)

The components of this costume are made by different technologies, and their colors can differ quite a lot from each other in shade and saturation. Therefore, only those colors are offered at choice, where the coincidence of shades and saturation is guaranteed.

Latex color chart

Textured Latex Patterns

Don't forget to use latex polish!

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