CL2973 Latex Moulded Leotard

CL2973 Latex Moulded Leotard

Latex Anatomical Corsage.

It is made by casting method from liquid latex to anatomical form.

Dimensions of the torso on which the leotard is cast
Below are the dimensions of the torso on which the body is cast, respectively, this is the actual dimensions of the products (an error of +/- 1 cm).

Size Table:

CL0002/CL2973 Leotard size 40 (XS) 42/44 (S) 46 (M) 48/50 (L)
Real sizes (an error of +/- 1 cm)
K - Circumference of the neck 32 33 37 39
L - Chest circumference 79 82 93 98
M - Under the breast circumference 70 72 78 87
N - Waist circumference 54 59 67 72
P - Thigh Circumference 82 87 96 100
R - Hip circumference 41 46 50 52
S - Shoulder circumference 23 25 30 30
T - Distance from the crotch to the base of the neck 61 63 66 69

Size 40 (XS) is suitable for height up to 170 cm,
Size 42/44 (S) is suitable for height up to 174 cm,
Size 46 (M) is suitable for height up to 179 cm,
Size 48/50 (L) is suitable for height up to 182 cm.

Zipper can be either front or back; Full 3-way through the crotch, or short 1-way to the waist. You can make body without any zipper - with a throat entrance.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE FULL BACK ZIPPER - leotard in this configuration is uncomfortable.

We recommend to choose a zipper in front, or a short zipper from the back to the waist.

The photo shows a black product with a full zipper in the front.

If you have questions about this product, please contact us.

Don't forget to use latex polish!

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